The Cabal of Nothing

There is a place among swaying pines
A quiet place shrouded in cold mists
A vague little town high upon coastal cliffs
With thunderous waves threatening
A decaying town poised to slip
Into a vengeful sea
It was there the spiteful twisting roads
Dumped me bodily
It was there where my nightmares began

I awoke in the night drenched in the sweat of a dream
Hearing a soft scuffling on the crumbling sidewalk
I stole to the sill to glance three stories below
But all was a fog swirling blackness
A gestating climate of nightmare elegance
A sordid magnificence that pulled at me
I wept knowing nothing mattered
Save the crushing moonless gloom

Something came to me and grinned
With what mouth I do not know

We know not the true nature of this place
We only see what our eyes see
Hear what our ears hear
Taste what our tongues taste
Smell what our noses smell
All data filtered through a diseased brain
A mutated motion picture of “facts”
All the world is filled with perceived imperfection
A relentless natural selection
Red is red because I see it as red
What color is it when I am dead?

Outside the rotten frame of this world lies a beautiful noble truth


Come all to a place born of sin
Morally gamed just to begin
Or for with to hate that pledging
A purpose faltered though fledgling
Does not Dust forever prevail
Through that threat of heavenly hail
Greenish fate and a bluish sea
The songs of birds are lost on me
A nothing did I not know yet
Lose to sleep on a sallow bet
Could I take that back to the start
Perhaps it would exist more heart
As long there is as end of pain
Therefore could remain I the same


With how do you call me?
Smothered by cover of darkness
On grinning oaths of pleasure
And to one a light remains
Illuminated sights I seek
Though terrified of clarity
Am only a babbling babe
And ignorant mess of flesh
Thus spoken freer unchained
And desolate my earthly eyes
Hence the bright scarred night


This summer is such only by time
For all is a hellscape
On boiling tar streets
Amongst ashy trees
Twisting in a sullen breeze
I am but a nothing
Designed to dissolve
In the crushing blight
Rotted out sympathies
Rust-crumbled handholds fail
Pitched into an abyss
Of mine own making


A danger of violence? No.
Self-inflicted (for those who worry)
Merely mental bruising from I
Battered feelings long kept low

Do I believe the trust?
It withers even among me
Can I really think it’s okay?
To have ranged so far

Madness entrenched with past
Uncertain future bellows fracture
Preserve preserve preserve
Mine own present mind


Single starlight horizon
Drift Earth through eye
A soot-like stare
In a call of pride
So says she to me
"Of flowing such
to bring thee down
Heaveward such rot"
As though meant me
An agent of decay
To which he smiled
filmy bared needle snarl
Teeth full to snap
"I am so much worse
my dear sweet flame"
And crushed her porcelain neck
Thus I recoiled to fade
Unconscious mine retreat